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Murobond top 10 whites
Murobond top 10 Whites

The following list has been put together from in house research on the whites that are our top sellers. Be sure to test your colour before you commit, as colours look different in different environments.

  • Nero - a very easy white to work with, just a hint of pigment to give it warmth. A classic neutral, ideal as a base canvas to build upon
  • Raw Earth - a cool greyed off white, works beautifully with a crisp white trim
  • Tumbled Ivory - a warm white with a touch of ochre. Works well with earthy colours
  • Cobble - soft ochre off white
  • Marble – a natural linen feel, also works well when framed with a crisp clean white (eg. Murobond's Just White)
  • Rope - a slightly blue white, for a calming cool environment
  • Nomad - warm, rich off white with brown undertonings
  • Umber - a blue green off white, great for a contemporary environment
  • Badger - a very easy to live with off white, natural linen look with a hint of raw umber
  • Willow - soft, subtle greenish off white. Works well as both a trim or broadwall colour, very calming

All colours have been taken from the Murobond Neutral Palette fandeck, available for purchase [Shop]

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