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Murobond paint colours Environmental Impact of Murobond Paints

While all manufactured goods including paints have an environmental cost, we can all minimise this cost through product selection, usage, and waste management. Murobond Coatings employs a number of measures to reduce the environmental impact of the paints it produces.

Murobond sources raw materials, and other components, as far as possible within Australia to lower transport costs. The cost benefit analysis of all raw materials extends to their ‘whole of life cost’, that is we weigh longer performance against higher environmental cost when considering new materials.

  • Our manufacturing procedures contain and recycle waste water as far as possible (85% at June 2001).
  • As signatories of the National Packaging Covenant we minimise the use of packaging, seek recyclable options and recycle. Under the covenant, we document the future reductions in usage that we will achieve and our progress is monitored by the National Packaging Council.
  • We accept clean drums for recycling.
  • We are actively involved in the development of paint recycling.
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